January 15, 2017

Shipping Update

Hey guys! I know everyone is waiting for their orders and because of the weekend it feels like forever haha. Doubly sucks because tomorrow is a holiday and the post office is closed so I can’t ship any orders until Tuesday :-/. But I promise I will be up bright and early Tuesday and get as many orders as I can possibly get out :-). All past Friday and Saturday orders will 100% go out and I will do my best on getting through to the rest of them that were placed today and tomorrow.


Thanks everyone! As always I appreciate you guys and your patience!


17 thoughts on “Shipping Update

    1. Please read the shipping policies page. Right now I have a big backlog so it wont be as fast as normal but im doing my best to get as many orders out a day as I can.

    1. Yeah man all good thank you for asking. Sorry been really busy, huge order load. You’ll get an email soon with the tracking number when i get to and complete your order. Working as fast and as hard as I can.

  1. I ordered a week ago before Friday order #1751 is that going to go out anytime soon? I’m new so I’m not totally sure what to expect.

    1. Check out the FAQ and shipping policies page. If your order didnt ship today (you get an email when its complete with the tracking number) it’ll go out tomorrow.

  2. Much love Scag. Hope you’re feeling better this week and get caught up quick. Holiday and that cold really fucked me over lol. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

  3. A lot of new people, read FAQ and shipping policies like Scag said the second comment. Not only was there a Holiday Monday in his update which should answer most of all questions asked just read the site please, it slows down progress when he answered all of the questions in the update

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