December 9, 2016

Con Eteezest 1 in stock

We put up a small inventory of eteezest 1. A larger quantity is on it’s way and should be up sometime next week.



11 thoughts on “Con Eteezest 1 in stock

    1. It definitely wont be today I’m sorry. Packages are really slow this time of year. I will let everyone know via email (if you’re on the mailing list) and make a post here on the site when we’ve restocked. But we stil have 2 fan favorite products in stock that should hold everyone over. Thanks

          1. Dang it, I screwed up!! Oh well there’s always tomorrow but I have to wait till Monday to clean it’s going to be a long weekend unless you offered the ‘1day express’ but if not it’s cool I’ll wait till Monday it’s not that dirty, I can wait. Thanks for your help bud. I really appreciate it the quick responses. Have a good weekend and Happy Holidays and if you get the Etizest a Little heads start would be much obliged , lol jk It wouldn’t be fair. Till later.

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