November 18, 2016


Hey guys just wanted to keep everyone updated. Two nights ago I started feeling the beginning of a cold coming on, you know the feeling. I took some vitamin c and hoped I’d be fine in the morning…no such luck. My head has felt like 100 pounds all day, my like skin hurts, goosebumps, runny nose,the whole nine. I get sick everytime around the changing seasons. Fucking blows ha.

I tried to battle through and work through it but i couldn’t do shit yesterday besides lay in bed all day. So those with current orders will be delayed a day. :-/

Today im hoping to feel better, took a bunch of dayquil,and loaded up on vitamin C. Trying to drink a lot of fluids. But either way I plan on putting in some extra time and getting your orders out. I already feel better than yesterday so hopefully it’ll be all good

Other News:  In a day or so, we’ll have a full restock of all brands!

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