November 11, 2016


As you guys know today was a holiday so I couldn’t ship out any orders. But no worries, tomorrow I’ll try and get some out, and then Monday work double time for you guys so it doesn’t seem like an eternity before you get your package haha.

Thanks guys. You’re the best.

4 thoughts on “Holiday

  1. Hi what is the dollar amount before I will have to be home to sign? Which is tough when you work from 7am to 9pm with my commute. Then post office is closed when I able to go down in person to sogn.

    1. Dollar amount? Im not sure what you mean.. everyone has to sign for their packages no matter how much they spent. It’s a measure to protect the site from consumer fraud. If you work close to the post office, go run and pick it up on your lunch break. Get it delivered to your office, pick it up saturdays, get a ups box and deliver it their. They’re open earlier and close later and sign for you. Then you just go pick it up. I don’t know. Theres lots of people in the same situation who figure it out ya know? I have to sign for all my packages too. Its pretty common in the vending business when dealing with credit cards.

  2. Thank you!!!!! Appreciate your willingness to work on a Saturday. I appreciate all that you do.
    Diana in the Burg. Pittsburgh that is… .

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