November 4, 2016

Add Our Email To Your Contacts

So im getting a few people who are emailing me asking for tracking numbers, if their order got processed. We send out automated emails when an order is made letting you know it’s in processing and an order complete email when your order is shipped with the tracking number inside. Lots of times it ends up in other inboxes like promotions, spam, etc.

So to avoid all that and missing those emails, add our email address to your contacts. Put that in your contacts that way the emails go straight to your inbox and you don’t miss any of the automated emails.


One thought on “Add Our Email To Your Contacts

  1. I received my cleaning supplies today, it was my first order from Pandora Supplies. I am blown away by the efficiency. From beginning to end, this was the easiest order of cleaners I have made from a vendor. A lot of online suppliers do not offer CC payment methods perhaps due to the tendency of damage to products in shipment. So thrilled that Pandora packages their supplies in a way that protects shipped items from damage while making their way to neat freaks like me. They have made a loyal customer out of me, and will gain many referrals from myself as many of my friends are jealous of how clean my basins are!

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