October 31, 2016

Back In Stock!

All items are back in stock and sales have resumed!

The coupon code for the 3 day 15% off code is 3day15 

(Edit: Coupon now expired)

Also, shipping/processing times on orders will be back to normal. Just as fast as they always were.


10 thoughts on “Back In Stock!

  1. Is it possible if I place an order extremely early this morning like between 3 to 6 am…that it would ship same day?

    1. I ship orders as I receive them, meaning first come first serve. I work until the post office closes. If I can get to your order that happened to be placed the same day, thats great, but’s its not often I ship same day.

      So basic answer is who knows. Depends how many orders I have, which is already a good amount, how fast i can get them out, and how fast you ordered.

    1. Yeah the 2nd is 3 days because i counted the 31st as a day. But the coupon should still be working until sometime tomorrow morning. But no worries I’m going to start doing a lot more promotions like that. Not everyone will be able to catch every single one but they’ll get there in time for a few eventually.v

  2. Thank you for the coupon code, my friend! You know a girl loves her coupons. However, I especially love coupon codes for my favorite, most reliable and exceedingly effective cleaner on the market. I’m patiently waiting for that oh-so-sexy email notification letting me know that my two orders are complete and have been shipped. 😊

    Damn OCD!

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