October 22, 2016

Current Orders

All current orders will be out and shipped by Monday or Tuesday. Just thought you guys would appreciate the update.


16 thoughts on “Current Orders

  1. Thank you, instead of worrying you keep us posted and it is GREATLY appreciated. I only order products from you, so even with the delay thanks for assuring me it will definitely be here, I’m an extremely anxious person your updates make the waiting alot easier !!

    1. Thanks Christine. Im sorry I couldn’t get your order out earlier but it was just a crazy week and I couldn’t have predicted how many orders we’d get when we restocked. So when we’re back up and running everything should ship out a lot faster like usual. 🙂

  2. That is awesome job and I can only keep saying great things about you from the speed to your great personality. Thanks a bunch for everything you do for us!

  3. Hey there,
    I placed an order Tuesday and still have not received an email with a tracking number. Does this mean my order still has not shipped or do you simply not send out the emails anymore? Thanks! The updates are so great, really appreciate them (:

  4. I just have to clarify, my order HAS been shipped and is currently on the way. This was my first time using Pandora so I was a little anxious, but they came through like they promised!! I will surely be back (: Thanks!

  5. My email is wrong it should be the not thr, I can’t seem to fix it or get a reply from admin on my email, how do I go about making sure they send the tracking number to the right email? Brady.thejourney@gmail.com, it shows thrjourney instead.. help!

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